Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Enthusiasm is for nerds.

  1. 1.
    intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

In which area of your life have you lost enthusiasm.
Are sarcasm and nonchalance the lenses through which you see the world?

Think of all the times you roll your eyes at someone that is actually excited about something..because you are just too cool ... being enthusiastic is for nerds, and middle schoolers.

Maybe thats why the world around you is so mundane and ...grey.

Get enthusiastic about something! About your hobby, your miniture toy train collection, your guitar, your writing, your sewing, your baking, your partner, your job( eeek, yes its possible!)
 Shake it up, shake it off, lets get a little brighter!

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello September!

reblogged from Ana-Rosa tumblr

September is here!
I am so grateful that it has began with the discovery of this blog post written by Allen Arnold.

Whose idea did you think it was for you to write anyway?
The Creator of this world gave you the desire to create with words.
Have you ever thought about why?
It’s not because the world needs more stories.
Or just a skill for you to pay the bills.
The reason is far more intimate.
And something most miss.
He gave you the gift of story because he enjoys spending time with you.

Just to spend time with me.Just to hang out. Just to laugh with me about all the crazy ideas running amok in my head. Just because.

I also listened to the podcast about this blog post and he says so many things that just.....

I'm embarking on  photo challenge this September. (Found it on pinterest :) )

Shall we do it together? Lets!
Are you on instagram? I am.  use the hashtags #SoulfulSeptember and #bookwormgiraffe

p.s Melody Gardot is divine.Listen.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Celebrating feeling appreciated

When fall is imminent , and the weather gets dreary, I start to look for things to celebrate. ( Note this post !)

I got a surprise email from Rachel Lopez of the Hindustan times (India... if you were wondering:) ) for an interview for my ebook about FOMO ( fear of missing out). It was a great conversation that spanned different time zones, and made my heart flutter.

You know why?

I felt appreciated. 

She was not just interviewing me, she got to know me, she made me laugh, she asked interesting questions. She appreciated my humour (that's a big one!) ( I also told my friends who's parents are living in India to look out for the the article, yes I felt that good, and proud of myself.)

Sometimes that's all a person needs is too feel appreciated for something they are doing. 
Not just with a 'thank you'( this is important mind you!), but really delving into the conversation and showing genuine interest.

I'll work harder to do the same for the people around me!


You can read the article Hindustan times finally published here

or get the FOMO ebook for yourself .


Friday, August 15, 2014

What should we do with the ambitions of African women ?

Image from 'An African City' webseries

Its amazing to see African women take center stage.In every industry there is an African woman,pitching ideas,implementing policies, discovering cures, designing clothes and graphics,singing,dancing,writing….and running countries.

Is there anything an African woman cannot do?

What has helped these women get to the top?
Ambition and tenacity.A go getter attitude ,refusing to quit.
Another thing that has been detrimental to  our 
success is  having tools to use to get to these heights.
For a long time one picture that has been painted 
about African women is the sad African mother, with 
the starving children and  the well  that is  lots of 
kilometers away  that she has to walk to get draw from. She  lives only for the survival  of her children and her husband, the sun beating on her back,her husband being mildly abusive .(The portrayal of African men is another issue that needs to be tackled!)

Nobody stops to ask what her ambitions are though.
She loves her family, she will move the earth to provide for her family,..but what does she want to achieve for herself? How possible is it that she will see these ambitions to fruition?
As a modern African woman living in the Diaspora I’m spoilt for choice with tools to  hurtle me to success.
Free online courses,community college,apps for my device of choice ,books and  the powerful world wide web.

What about my sister in my country that does not 
have the tools right at her fingertips?
What kind of tools can I put in her hands to help her 
realise her personal ambitions?
Why do I have to wait to take care of  the needs of my sister so she can have her wants?
No longer can I think I can just throw money at an 
organisation to go do it for me, or just send  the money back home and watch it be used as a solution that is not long term.

I need to find a long term solution for my sister. All the valuable information I am learning from these tools I am fortunate to have,I can help my sister realise her ambition.What tools can I use to edge myself closer  to achieving all I aspire to? How can I provide a simple tool for  another sister to achieve hers?

Most importantly what tools are you not taking 
advantage of to get you to the top?


p.s Read about more amazing women here , and 
check out the new lifestyle section!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Be strong and courageous.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9

Friday, July 4, 2014

What does love look like?

For many this picture symbolises boredom.
Long church services, barely making sense of what is being said.
Old Mrs Smith ....(or Mrs Tembo..depending on where you are from) gives you mean looks across the pew.
You swing your legs, count tiles...candy crush.

This Jesus they have spoken about for so long.Who is He?
What did He ever do for me? 
Eye roll.

Why would anyone in this day and age need a saviour? 
 Why not Vashti.. or the myriad of Gods running around these days. 

I haven't met another God that tells me He loves me.
Or a Saviour that died for me.

He wants you to know He loves you. 
Oh and likes you., you quirky thing you.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Better than all those likes on Social media!


Random acts of kindness...people find this very surprising these days!

What would you do if someone ahead of you in line at the coffee shop decided to pay for your coffee as well. They didn't announce it, they got their coffee and left, you ordered your oh so complicated hot beverage only to have the barista say.. 'Oh its already been paid for.'
You look around in disbelief for the person, you vaguely remember them, was she wearing a brown coat?
You gush with thankfulness, you smile. Well...that was nice.

That's how it is with Christ my friend. He paid for it all.

Do you know YOU have the power to totally turn around a persons day by random acts of kindness?
They don't have to know.
Pay for someones coffee or meal in a cafe.
Leave an anonymous bouquet of flowers by a neighbours door.
Remember ecards? You can still send those.
That pair of shoes your best friend has been eyeing that you don't wear that much anyway? Give them to her.
It feels better than you expect.
Better than all those likes on Social media.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rude, Bad boys and Black Coffee

A few choons (tunes) to make you smile, bop or be nostalgic...

Music is powerful.

Magic - Rude

A nice reggae beat, laid down to the smooth vocals of a Julian Casablancas look alike.Yes we like!

Magic // Rude from Creativeseen // David Rousseau on Vimeo.

Big Bang - Bad Boy

G Dragon..what else is there to say?

[MV] Big Bang - Bad Boy (subbed) from davidabadilla on Vimeo.

Brooke Fraser - Shadow Feet
Where will you be found when it all feels like its falling apart?

Shadow Feet - Brooke Fraser from GospelVids on Vimeo.

Travis - flowers in the window
Amazing throwback!

flowers in the window from shuttlecocking on Vimeo.

All Saints - Pure shores

Makes me want to break out a tank top, boot leg jeans and trainers! Stil love them!

All Saints - Black Coffee von Dante35

Monday, June 30, 2014

A little less advice and more listening?

Just finished reading an interesting article called after failure what next?
It resonated deeply with the ebook that I wrote called Congratulations! You failed
One of the important points in the article was talking to everyone about your failure.
What a hard thing to do.
We live in a society where you ALWAYS put your best face forward.When you first meet someone the first question is "So what do you do?" which can sometimes be translated into..this conversation going well may largely depend on whether I think what you do i impressive enough.

Brene Browns TED talk about vulnerability hit home for so many people because we are dying to be vulnerable. 
We are dying to be vulnerable with each other but we cant because we are afraid.

Talking about your failures is so scary, and it requires that you be vulnerable enough to say that you did.

I feel vulnerable about talking about my failures because it means that I am not good enough.
I want to matter, I want to contribute, and failing at something just means that ..I do not add up.
Forget all the talk about failing forward, its just a phase still sucks to fail.
It sucks to talk to people about it that offer a band aid to the gaping wound that is your life.

There does lie a freedom in talking about your failures though.To finally let it out.
If you do it slowly that is okay, just don't keep it quiet forever, because then you will never get over the failure itself.
In the ebook I caution who you talk about your failure with, and in the article Brain Feld does the same. 
In my experience talking about it first with people that matter to you worked better than talking to EVERYONE about it. 
Like it or not people can really be nasty about failure, surprisingly, because everyone has failed at something one time or another. So how about a little more empathy?
A little less advice and more listening?
How about a little more vulnerability, for yourself and for others?


Saturday, June 21, 2014

What would feel like a miracle right now?

Tell me. What would feel like a miracle to you right now?

What are you wanting so so bad? 

It could be as simple as .. getting through the book you are reading, or making up with an estranged friend, or believing yourself a little more......or even how to I cut up a watermelon as yummy as in the picture above?

Tell me.

Write me in the comments or email me and let me know!

Enjoy this chirpy song on this first day of summer!

p.s you are amazing, did you forget?

Akdong Musician (AKMU) - 200% MV 1080p Sub Español from REGGAN on Vimeo.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Wanderlust - Seoul,Korea

Have I told you I have the Korea bug so so bad? I want to go so bad! My friend Abi was just there recently and....sigh.... the green eyed monster was alive and well, watching her instagram.

I've also caught the Kpop bug pretty badly.

Just have a listen and thank me later.

How amazing are these videos? I havent seen some good quality video, heard great vocals or seen great choreography like this in a long long time.

#LongLiveBoyBands. #PrettyBoysRule

 First song is called 'Cant stop' by CNBLUE , ugh.. I love them! This song is so upbeat, it doesnt start out that way, but just listen.Beautiful!

Cnblue Can't stop Official M/V from SXIVA on Vimeo.

next one is by EXO called Overdose. This may be my 2014 summer song.

EXO-K - 중독 (Overdose) _ Music Video from Eric YoonWon Cheung on Vimeo.

This song is amazing. I break into a dance every time I play it...which is every time! I'm surprised at how well they can sing..and dance. Move over JT.....Someone call the doctor #Overdose!

Now for that lovey dovey RnB feeling ...but from Kute Korean boys (see what I did there? ) is a lovely song called 'Just one day' by BTS aka Bangtan Boys.

방탄소년단 (BTS) - Just one day (하루만) MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] from Yoon Sunghae on Vimeo.

Seoul Seoul Seoul... when will we meet? 
(I have a few accomplices that are willing to go...soon Seoul...soon we will be united!)


Thursday, May 29, 2014


'I don't have any self confidence anymore!'
My friends fist almost pounded the coffee table the other day.
He was frustrated! 

He's Italian, polishing his Germany :)

I knew exactly where he was, and I knew offering any form of  'Its alright' advice at this time was not going to cut it! I knew what it was like to be brushed off with hurried advice, and speaking to someone who has never been where I am at that moment.

Remember the story of Moses? (In the bible, that big book your mama hides money in, or the one where you record the deaths and weddings, yeah..that one)

When God called Moses to go and speak to Pharaoh about letting the children of Israel go, Moses replied
 ' Lord (humble face), you know I don't speak to well, I've got this stutter, and to be honest, I've been out here in the desert and I don't know what the latest trends are.I don't have an iphone. I haven't written out  business plan for this, the finances are not adding up.Also I haven't bought the domain for my website because I don't know how to go about the hosting stuff (exaggerated humble bow of the head)'  *blink blink*

God got angry with him. Why? After all Moses was being honest (probably like you are).
Sure, you are being realistic.  Of course you really now how inadequate you are or how hopeless the situation is. But maybe you are making God angry too.
(Is this about sin again? is my being hopeless and broke making God mad, again? Doesn't he have bigger things to be mad about? Isn't he always mad anyway? )
Why was he angry? 
Like us, every single day, Moses was looking at his own ability.
Wasn't it God that made his mouth?
Isn't it God that has given you those hands? That mind? 

If we look at our own ability we come up short for the amazing things we  can do with Gods help.

How do you get Gods help? Simple. Ask

 ' Lord, please help me with this'

 'God, I haven't spoken to you in a while and I feel bad for asking, but could you help me?'

'Help me Lord!'

'God, I am not even sure you exist, but I need help, I cant do this on my own'

Yes , you are human, and you come up short in many ways.
Rely on God and HIS infinite power for all things.


ps Have you read my ebook about failure yet? You can get it here ! :) Thank you!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The eyeroll.

I've always felt a little afraid of writing about my faith on this blog.
I've cared too much about the eye rolling.

eye roll photo tumblr_inline_mk52jl2QaG1rg4uy0_zpsf5bcc01d.gif

Oh she found religion!
No. I've been a follower of Jesus for  a very long time. (What does that even mean!?!)
He is love.
(What does that even mean!?!)
The same way you love your family, would do anything for them, He loves you even more than that.
Its always so hard to believe, especially when things go wrong.
Especially when you've been hit with a bible on your head for so long all that Christianity seems is like a headache.
Or if the person you trusted so much and betrayed you was a christian.
(I am a christian, and I've done some pretty crappy stuff.)
The examples are endless of what is wrong with religion.
I am not talking about religion though.
I'm talking about a relationship.
Hope we can explore a little more of this from time to time.
I hope you're game.

p.s have you purchased my super lovely ebook yet? 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Why do you have to be busy all the time?

What is it about silence that lets all the goblins and gremlins come out to play in your mind?

You sit quietly for a while and the questions start coming up.

Shouldn't I be doing something? Where is my life going? What does this mean?

You know what else?

We force ourselves to have an answer to these questions, and if we don't we run.

What does running look like?

Being busy. Endlessly looping youtube videos (Because there are youtube videos about everything!)

Fiddling with your phone, calling people you haven't spoken to in keep running.

How about you simply answer the gremlins and goblins and say 

'I don't know right now'

You know what usually happens..nothing.

Its okay to not know right now.